Industrial Connectors

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Industrial Connectors

Check out our fantastic range of Industrial Connectors at Farnell element14

Industrial Connectors, Circular Connectors, Pin & Socket Connectors and other Industrial Connectors from industry-leading manufacturers, in stock and avaliable to order today.


With over 5,500 products available in stock, and over 30,000 available from our extended range, Farnell element14 is a must for your Industrial Connector requirements. Our vast range of Industrial Connectors includes Circular Connectors, Pin & Socket Connectors, Rectangular Connectors, Ethernet Connectors and Thermocouple Connectors. Providing products from a wide range of industry leading suppliers, Farnell element14 service all your Maintenance, Repair, Operations, and Production Engineering solutions.

We offer buyers, design and maintenance engineers a comprehensive range of Industrial Connectors backed up with flexible ordering through a choice of channels and delivery options to suit individual requirements.

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