The New Farnell Website - Re-engineered for Speed & Ease

At Farnell we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our service. So when you gave us feedback on how to make our website better - we responded!

You told us online ordering needs to be "easy and fast" - so we've re-engineered the website to improve the Search, Speed and Simplicity. We have evaluated and reviewed all aspects from registration to order confirmation and below is a guide to help you understand the new functionality:

Login & Registration

RegisterStreamlined registration

The login and registration screens now require minimal information in order for you to place an order. To register on the website simply access the registration screen from the homepage and fill out the mandatory fields. Once submitted, you will be free to order on the website.

Access our FAQs for more information

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emember me functionRemember me function

The "remember me" functionality keeps you logged in so you no longer have to login each time you visit. We’ll even remember what’s in your shopping basket if you log out or close down your connection before placing your order.

"Remember me" can be enabled at registration or on any future visit by visiting the "login" page and checking the box.

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Manage Account

Account management systemAccount management system

The website now features an account management centre, "My Account", where you can maintain all aspects of your online account. This section contains your orders, account, address book and preferences and can be accessed from the top of any webpage.


My Orders

    My Orders
  • Order History

You can access a record of all orders placed online against your username. This allows you to check outstanding delivery status by clicking on your order.

  • Saved Baskets
This functionality is unchanged for the new website, and shows a list of your saved baskets date and time and number of items. To view details of a saved basket or to add one or all items into your current basket, click on the "basket name" and follow the on screen prompts.


My Account

    My Account
  • Contact Information

In this section you can review and update the information you provided at registration. You can also let us know your job function and purchase role to allow us to better provide you with the most relevant offers and promotions.

  • Change password

Amend your login password at any time by using this option.


My Address Book

    My Address Book
  • Delivery Addresses

In this section you can add and update multiple delivery addresses. This allows for quick selection and editing for large companies.

  • Invoice Addresses

This allows you to update the address that we send your invoices to.


My Preferences

    My Preferences
  • Order Preferences

If you have any standard information related to your account such as account number, payment methods or delivery options you can update it here. The details will then be pre-populated when you come to place any future orders.

  • Product Preferences

This allow us to better understand what products you are interested in purchasing so we can send you the most relevant offers and promotions.

Access our FAQs for more information

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The new intelligent search engine and searching options makes finding products easy.

Static Search BarStatic Search Bar

The search bar is now available at the top of every webpage throughout the website so you can initiate a search instantly, anytime you want.

Access our FAQs for more information

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Advanced Search

The advanced search, located just below the main search bar, allows you to be more specific about the search results you want returned. You can also choose to apply the following search filters:

  • Part number
  • Description
  • Manufacturer name
  • RoHS compliant products only
  • In stock items only
  • New products only

As well as filtering you can also use wildcard* searches to help return the exact products you want.

We provide automated drop downs to help guide you in creating your wildcard searches, such as: Starts With, Contains, Exact Match or Matches Words.

*If you want more information on the wildcards or any of the Advanced Search functions see our FAQs webpage.

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Improved search results

Search results are now displayed more logically. Searches with less than 50 products returned will be displayed as a standard list and searches that return more than 50 products will be divided into product categories to allow further sub-selection. The product categories with the most number of relevant results will be shown at the top of the list.

Although not immediately displayed on results for 50+ items, you can choose to view all results at any stage of the search process by clicking the "Show All Results" button.

Access our FAQs for more information

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Improved product pagesImproved product pages

We’ve improved the detail and layout of every individual product page. Most products on the website now include an image, full description and datasheet. Additional information also displayed includes Country of Origin & Weights; Tariff number and UN Hazard and Calibration codes.

A variety of datasheets per product now include application notes, material safety and technical information to ensure you are fully informed about each product in detail.

Access our FAQs for more information

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Free datasheets

You don’t have to have an account with us to access datasheet information. Simply find the product you are interested in and click on the datasheet icon to access full product specifications.

Access our FAQs for more information

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Parametric SearchParametric search

More search results now feature a parametric search to allow immediate selection based upon product attributes or specifications. This allows you to select or de-select criteria to refine your search.

While not a new feature this is much more prevalent throughout the website with the most important selectors shown in the left-hand columns.

Access our FAQs for more information

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AlternativesAlternatives and Accessories

Our website now includes tens of thousands of alternative and accessory products made available within search results. If the product you are looking is out of stock or does not quite fit the specification you require, save yourself time by accessing these products while searching.

Access our FAQs for more information

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Real-time stock

What you see is what you get! - the website now features real-time stock availability giving you up to the minute information whilst buying - ideal when designing to deadlines!

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New products added daily

We have streamlined the entire product upload process to the website ensuring you can see all the very latest products as soon as possible.

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Navigation through the website

By using our guided navigation you can move quickly between product categories as the visible trail of your path is mapped out.


You can also view other ranges of similar products easily.

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Ordering support

We want to make ordering easy - you can now save, download or email the contents of your basket.

Download Basket

Saved baskets are kept so that you can go back and review them later, downloaded baskets are exported in a .CSV format and baskets can be emailed to colleagues if authorisation is needed. There is also a print option to allow "offline" record keeping.

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Shopping BasketPermanently displayed shopping basket

In the top right-hand corner of every webpage your shopping basket indicates the total value and number of items your have placed into your basket. This helps you to visibly keep track of your spend at all times.


Access Our FAQs for more information

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Pre-populated fields

Taking the time to fill in all the sections within "My Account" will save you time when you come to place an order. The information you provide us with will automatically be pre-populated as part of the order process thereafter.

You are free to change any or all of the details at anytime.

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5-step order process

With only 5 steps, purchasing is now as efficient as possible.

When you have added all items you require to your basket and are ready to "checkout", press the "Proceed To Checkout" button on the right hand side of your basket to enter the 5-step buying process.

Throughout this process a timeline will guide you through the steps and allow you to see how far you are from completion.

Order Step 1

Payment Type

Here you choose how you want to pay for your order. The choices include - credit or trade account. Once you have made your selection, populate the details as necessary and click on "Proceed" to move to the next step.

Order Step 2


If you have previously populated your delivery address within "My Account" you can select your desired address by clicking the "Saved Address Box" and selecting the one you want. Alternatively you can fill out the details during this step and save it for future use.

On the right hand side of the screen you can select delivery methods, add order comments and delivery instructions for the courier that will appear on the despatch notes. At this point you can check a box under the invoice address to stipulate this as the invoice address.

When you are happy with the details press "Proceed to Invoicing".

Order Step 3


Again, if you have previously filled out this information within "My Account" this section will be pre-populated by default and you will only have to review the details. If you are processing your first order simply fill in the required invoice address fields and payment method details and "Proceed to Review Order"..

Order Step 4

Review Order

This is your last chance to review and edit your order before you submit it. This page will display all details relating to your order.

If you want to edit any part of your order simply click "Edit" within the appropriate section you want to amend or click on the relevant step on the timeline at the top of the page to jump back to the step you want to amend.

Before you can submit an order you will need to ensure that the "Export Conditions of Supply" box has been ticked and if you are happy, click "Confirm Order".

Order Step 5


Once you submit your order an on screen prompt will confirm your order has been sent to us. you will receive a confirmation email including your order details and the Farnell reference number. you can then track this order via "My Account" online.

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Website Speed


The homepage now downloads 3 times faster than previously.



Search results are now returned much quicker due to faster systems, better product data, relevancy ranking and improved advanced searching. Learn more about the Search improvements here.

Access our FAQs for more information

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This improvement is part of an ongoing evaluation and development process to bring you a website that is second to none, and as such we are still looking for ways to improve and would appreciate your feedback on these changes. If you think this is a step in the right direction, let us know, and if you feel there are areas that need to be improved click here to share your opinions.

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