Quality & Policy Statements

Farnell, established in 1939, is a world leading catalogue distributor of electronic, electrical, industrial and maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) products – with fast, easy access to over 340,000 stocked products, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

…but Farnell delivers more than just products. Our quality as a world leading distributor has been recognised.


Avago TechnologiesFarnell wins Avago Technologies Performance Excellence Award 2009 for Specialist Sales

Farnell has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Performance Excellence Award 2009 from Avago Technologies. Avago, a global manufacturer of analogue, mixed-signal and optoelectronic components and subsystems, had decided not to carry out its annual awards this year due to poor trading conditions – until they looked at the outstanding sales performance of Farnell in the Eastern Europe region.

With its strong sales force in each of Eastern European territories and 12 local language websites, Farnell drove significant growth, increasing their Avago active customer base by 115% and resale performance by 73%. This award acknowledges Farnell’s successful expansion in Eastern Europe with Avago, which places Avago in the top ten largest suppliers to Farnell in this region. Farnell continues to work closely with Avago Technologies and currently stocks over 3500 products from this leading manufacturer.

To see the full range of Avago Technologies products available from Farnell click here.

ElektraFarnell Europe Wins Top Award

Farnell Europe has scooped the ‘Distributor of the Year Award’ at this year’s European Electronics Industry Awards (Elektra).

The award was announced on the 1st December, at a huge award ceremony held at the Lancaster London Hotel in front of industry leading suppliers, competitors and electronics media.

Farnell was recognised for outstanding achievement, web innovation and leadership. The award was collected by Farnell’s Andy King, President of Farnell Europe & Global Head of EDE.

“To win Distributor of the Year is a great achievement and one I am very proud of! To be recognised more specifically for our web innovation and leadership is testimony to the continual improvements we are making to our customer’s online experience and Farnell’s web offering as a whole,” said Andy King.

BSI ‘RoHS Trusted’ Kitemark®

By investing in the ‘RoHS Trusted’ Kitemark® across Europe, Farnell is making a public commitment to best practice, which builds trust and confidence throughout the supply chain whilst also demonstrating that it has the capabilities to help its customers meet the requirements of the Directive.
Neil Stanton, Scheme Manager, BSI Product Services

Farnell – The First distributor to have all its European operations accredited

On 8th August 2006 Farnell became the first in the industry to gain the British Standards Institute (BSI) ‘RoHS Trusted’ Kitemark across all its European offices. The Kitemark is respected across the world as a premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality.

 Read the full press release here.

Policy Statements

Below are the Farnell Statements of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy.

Statement of Quality Policy

The company will focus on customer need to ensure products and services satisfy customer expectations by offering a broad range of components, equipment and accessories, enabling users to achieve and maintain the quality, product reliability and performance that their own quality policies dictate.

The company will offer a premium service based upon planned stockholding requirements to ensure customer delivery requirements are satisfied and will measure and record this performance as a basis for future quality planning and continual improvement.

The company will also offer products and services that are not within the immediate defined product ranges, to service all customer need and be a “one-stop” procurement solution.

All employees will be appropriately trained so they understand fully the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements. All training will be recorded.

Top management support will be given at all levels of the business to ensure that sufficient resource is available to realise customer expectations, to ensure legal compliance and to see that the requirements of any relevant national or international standards are satisfied.


Statement of Environmental Policy

Farnell is committed to the protection of the environment and will endeavour to reduce its significant environmental impacts arising from its products, activities and services.

Specifically, the Company will:

  • Comply with all applicable and relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirements
  • Strive to conserve resources and prevent pollution
  • Strive for continual improvement in environmental performance
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for employees
  • Report publicly on an annual basis environmental performance against stated targets
  • Review policy annually and revise it as necessary

This policy is the responsibility of the Managing Director, Farnell. Monitoring of compliance with the policy is delegated to the Group Safety, Health & Environmental Manager. Awareness of and compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every manager in the Company.


Statement of Health & Safety Policy

The Company regards the promotion of Health & Safety measures as a mutual objective for Management and Employees at all levels. It is, therefore, Company policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the general public, insofar as they come into contact with the Company. In particular, the Company has a responsibility to:-

  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment
  • Provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and without risk to health
  • Maintain a constant and continuing interest in all Health & Safety matters appropriate to the Company’s activities and for it’s management to set examples in safe behaviour
  • Appraise working methods to ensure safe practices are maintained
  • Seek advice, where necessary, from safety specialists
  • Ensure compliance with legal and other requirements

Employees have a duty to co-operate in the objectives by:-

  • Working safely and adhering to Company procedures
  • Using any protective equipment provided and meeting statutory obligations
  • Reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury or damage
  • Assisting in the investigation of accidents, with the object of introducing measures to prevent recurrence

A senior manager will be appointed to oversee all aspects of Health & Safety in the workplace. Instances of complaint should, however, be reported through line management, who will have first-line responsibility for all Health & Safety issues.

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