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Dedicated technical support (including website help) is available to all our account customers via a team of trained engineers:

Technical Datasheets

Access over 352,000 technical datasheets, application notes & MSDS documents for FREE when you see the Datasheet symbol.

BoM (Bills of Materials) Conversion Service

The BoM Response Team recently converted a total of 2,669 lines without blinking an eye. They’ve saved me hours of time!  The match rate is excellent, with over 80% of RoHS compliant alternatives sourced extremely quickly. It’s such a help to be able to send off a list of products and get back a fresh BoM that’s RoHS compliant without having to think about it.
Simon Grieve, Codel International

Fast, Free BoM Upload Service

Is your parts list RoHS compliant?  Find out with our FAST, FREE BoM conversion service, returned to you in 48 hours.

  • Log in to the website and click on the BoM banner on the homepage or access the BoM service here
  • Upload your Excel spreadsheet containing Farnell order codes, manufacturers part numbers, part descriptions, or industry part numbers. View example

Product Alternatives

Over 150,000 product alternatives offer side-by-side comparisons of exact, suggested or upgraded alternatives to the products you need to source, in stock for 2 day delivery.

Easily identify product alternatives using the green dot displayed in the online search results (see example).

See an example alternative product now

Product Accessories

A massive 280,000 accessories, linked through the online search results, provide easy access to a wide range of products that you need.

Easily identify product accessories using the green dot displayed in the search results (see example).

See example accessories now

Not In Catalogue Service – ProductFind

The internet is now the medium of communication for premier distributors like Farnell.  The website is superior to their competitors - it is easy to use and packed full of information to help me make my purchase decisions.  I always place my orders online with Farnell.
Ian Braithwaite, ETB Ltd

When a choice of over 480,000 stocked products just isn’t enough…

Our dedicated team of experts can source over 6 million more products to save you time and money in your search for that vital product.

Contact us with:

  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Product description
  • Required quantity
  • Required delivery date
  • Target price

And we’ll get back to you with a quotation within 48 hours.

  e-mail: rfq@farnell.com

Calibration Service

We offer two levels of calibration on Test & Measurement products bought from us to the latest standards to meet the ISO 9000 and EN 17025 requirements.

The two levels of calibration include:

  • Standard Calibration – to manufacturer specification with:
      • Set of calibration results
      • Certificates
      • Integrity seals
      • Electrical safety tests
      • All records stored and maintained for 4 years
      • Re-calibration advice
  • UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Calibration – in addition to the above, includes:
    • Calibration to UKAS approved procedures
    • UKAS certificates
    • UKAS approved calibration equipment

If you require help, please contact our sales team:

  e-mail: israel-sales@farnell.com

Cable Cutting Service

Get your cables cut to the length you need – for FREE!

We offer a “Cut-to-Length” service for almost 500 different cables so that you can buy and stock only what you need.

  • Just take the order code for the cable and add the quantity (in metres) in front of it
  • E.g. if you want 4 meters of a cable 123456, just order the cable as a normal product by ordering “4 x 123456”.
  • Service available for cables in the catalogue that have the “Continuous Length in 1m Multiples” option in the price table

Cable Cutting & Calibration Services

Please note - This service is not yet available on our website – but if you order a product online that requires cutting let us know in the comments box during checkout and we’ll get back to you!

Additional Services

Farnell offer:

  • Customised cable assembly covering ribbon/IDC, copper, fibre optic, wiring harnesses and coax.
  • Kitting - despatch and invoicing of a collection of products to you as one custom kit.

Contact our sales team for more information:

  e-mail: israel-sales@farnell.com

Electronics Design World

Electronics Design World is Farnell’s unique website dedicated to the needs of a Design Engineer.

Featuring training, ‘Technology First’ design guides, news and the latest product introductions from numerous manufacturers - it’s key to understanding the industry before your competitors.


Why we’re No.1 for RoHS…

Farnell has led the way in RoHS from the beginning, being the first to offer:

  • Step by Step Guide to Compliance
  • Fully RoHS Compliant Catalogue
  • Dedicated RoHS website featuring WEEE information
  • SKU level personalised Certificates of Compliance

These are just a few of the reasons why Farnell has come to be recognised as the industry's No.1 for RoHS.

Visit rohs.info for more information